In today’s society, even minor problems may lead to massive lawsuits. That is why no business may operate safely without umbrella insurance or liability insurance in order to protect its assets. We’ll have your business covered in many areas:

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 You have worked hard to build up your company; we’ll work hard in order to protect it. Our company’s commercial property insurance assists in safeguarding your business property against the risk of theft, loss, or damage, and may protect you against:

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What Is Flood Insurance?

Businesses and homes situated in neighborhoods involved in the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) qualify for flood insurance at a modest price via the federal government. Under this program, administered by the federal government, insurance providers will issue flood insurance.

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This type of insurance assists you in protecting your company while you are away.

As you’re operating off-site, your company owners’ policy does not always cover your computers, equipment, and tools, and it may place your company at risk. First Advantage Insurance provides inland marine insurance required to cover the majority of business property which includes contractors' equipment and tools, along with property belonging to other employees.

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