In today’s society, even minor problems may lead to massive lawsuits. That is why no business may operate safely without umbrella insurance or liability insurance in order to protect its assets. We’ll have your business covered in many areas:

  • Excess and Umbrella
  • Pollution
  • Completed Operations and Products
  • Advertising and Personal Injury
  • Intellectual Property
  • Garage
  • International and foreign
  • Employee benefits
  • Contractual


How will you determine how much coverage you need? It might depend upon:

• Related Risk: A car repair shop will carry a greater risk of suffering a lawsuit for personal injury than say, a manufacturer of pillows.

• Business Location: A few states will award high damage quantities to plaintiffs who claim personal injury.

Talk to one of our insurance experts for guidance. Our agents have access to risk profiles as well as coverage quantities for businesses like yours.

Plus, we will assist you in understanding where business property, workers’ compensation, and liability insurance overlap; therefore, you do not purchase more coverage than required.