Such insurance may be purchased alone or as a portion of a company owner’s policy. Our company recommends general liability that provides:

  • Tailored coverage based upon your overall risk, not the size of the business
  • Expert liability insurance (making sure you are appropriately insured and costing you less within the long range)
  • Higher liability coverage limitations

Allow us to show you how you can get all of the coverage needed to protect your business and you.

Risk Control

Taking those proactive measures may reduce the potential expense of liability insurance claims for your business and you:

  • Offer suitable safety training for every worker.
  • Keep all business records up to date and complete.
  • Establish high standards for product quality control within your business.

Inform us if you would like tips for safety for your business type—our insurance experts are here to assist.

Management Liability

Even the most educated professionals make errors. From human oversight to equipment failure, nearly any incident might result in litigation.

These days, the demands of operating a business and offering expert services to clients will require companies to delegate management duties to partners, committees, or shareholders who might make business decisions. The management structure might expose these individuals and committees to the same liabilities that are faced by business officers.

Professional firms and non-corporate entities might require unique insurance for the determinations they make within the daily management of their firms, involving:

  • Medical groups
  • Lawyers
  • Engineers
  • Architects

D&O Liability

Very few business events will be more stressful than when officers and directors are named within a lawsuit. First Advantage Insurance’s management liability insurance will protect not just your corporate leaders, yet additionally extends to the business itself, for specific kinds of claims, which include:

  • Ransom and kidnap
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Miscellaneous professional
  • Employment practices
  • Omissions and errors
  • Officers and directors

Policy Features

First Advantage Insurance management liability policies might involve vital policy coverage and features for:

  • Claims against subsidiaries
  • Claims against spouses
  • Claims seeking contract enforcement
  • Punitive damages
  • Business torts
  • Compensation disputes and partnership agreements
  • Claims of negligence or mismanagement
  • Claims brought by partners not included in a company’s management (not covered by traditional policies)