This type of insurance assists you in protecting your company while you are away.

As you’re operating off-site, your company owners’ policy does not always cover your computers, equipment, and tools, and it may place your company at risk. First Advantage Insurance provides inland marine insurance required to cover the majority of business property which includes contractors' equipment and tools, along with property belonging to other employees.

What’s Covered?

Generally, inland marine insurance will cover property which is transportable or movable in nature. Often, it covers property which requires greater protection than what might be offered by the usual property policy. Instances include:

• Computer/computer systems

• Equipment and tools for artisan contractors (from hand tools to mobile equipment)

• Galleries/Fine Art Dealers (covers fine art and equipment/tools utilized in connection with fine art)

• Camera equipment for photographers

• Motor Truck Cargo (will cover goods being carried by insured trucker)

• Transportation Form (will cover any goods shipped to or by our insured through common carrier)

• Pet Groomer (will cover their equipment, particularly for the ones who have mobile operations)

• Vets (will cover their equipment, particularly while portable in nature)

• Vending Machine Form - utilized to cover vending machines (not contents)

• Dealers Service Form – will cover equipment utilized by installers/servicing contractors (plumbers, flooring, appliances, etc.)

Get in touch with your agent today for help in deciding your needs for inland marine coverage.