Is your reputation protected?

The ones who rely on you to protect their company interests additionally trust you to protect their personal data. As sensitive information is exposed, your reputation will be on the line.

Our data breach insurance coverage offers you accessibility to experts who are able to assist you in complying with regulatory requirements, and offer guidance about how to aid in preventing a data breach and deal with a breach crisis if one should occur. Response expense coverage may assist to rapidly restore confidence within your practice or business via notification to impacted people and may assist in paying for good faith ad costs, for instance.

Peace of Mind Protection

First Advantage Insurance’s data breach insurance coverage will aid in absorbing some of the expenses related to a breach involving public relations, notification, liability and legal costs.

Respond With Confidence

Our company provides access to expert help if a breach crisis arises — aiding you in complying with applicable regulations and laws to avoid civil litigation as well as additional penalties.

Be Ready

You have access to a breach preparedness site for simple-to-understand response and prevention guidelines your staff and you can make use of each day — not only if you have a claim.

Ten Tips to Safeguard Laptop Information

1. While traveling, never transport a laptop with checked luggage. Carry the laptop on board with you, and keep a close eye on the laptop at airport security.

2. Apply special paint markings in order to make it easily identifiable and unique.

3. If you walk out of a conference room or meeting, take it with you – or it might not be there when you come back.

4. Carry it within a non-descript bag, briefcase, or carrying case. A case made for computers includes a clear sign to thieves that you have a laptop.

5. Regularly back your information up and keep the data stored in a secure area.

6. Do not allow unaccompanied strangers to wander around the workplace. Provide help and escort visitors to their destinations.

7. Parking garages include typical theft areas. Cover the laptop to conceal it from view or put in inside your trunk.

8. If leaving the laptop inside the office overnight, put it in a cabinet that has a lock or secure it using a cable lock, which wraps around a chair leg or desk.

9. Consider buying a theft alarm system especially designed for laptops.

10. Avoid automatic log-ins. They might be simple, but if the laptop ever is stolen, your data is much more susceptible to being taken.